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Webinar tendercriteria Tekengebied 1

The Rich North Sea

Webinar: Tender criteria in wind farm Hollandse Kust West VI


At the end of February, The Rich North Sea, in collaboration with Vogelbescherming, Natuur & Milieu and North Sea Foundation, organized a webinar about nature development in the North Sea. This webinar focused on the tender criteria for the Hollandse Kust West VI wind farm. Nature conservation and ecology are part of the tender criteria for this wind farm.

During the webinar, NWEA and The Crown Estates talked more about the future of offshore wind and the role of ecology in it. The Rich North Sea, the Vogelbescherming and the North Sea Foundation shared tips, ideas and wishes with potential participants in the tender regarding:

  • Mitigating negative effects on biodiversity
  • Promote marine habitat conservation
  • Developing and disseminating knowledge

For the organization of this webinar, The Rich North Sea worked together with the Vogelbescherming, Natuur & Milieu and the North Sea Foundation.


The Rich North Sea