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Seabed morphology and dynamic in the Hollandse Kust Zuid and Borselle windfarm zone

The Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) and Borssele windfarm zone possess a diverse seabed morphology (Figure 1) and a significant seabed dynamic. Different bedforms exist in both areas (Table 1). The seabed morphology can be described by the length, height, steepness and asymmetry of the bedforms and the seabed dynamic by the growth and migration of the bedforms. This documents describes the seabed morphology and dynamics of the HKZ in detail while for the Borselle windfarm zone.

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Author: T. Gaida

Year: 2020

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Paulsen, B.T., Roetert, T., Raaijmakers, T., Forzoni, A., Hoekstra, R., Van Steijn, P. (2016). Morphodyanmics of Hollandse Kust (zuid) Wind Farm Zone: prediction of seabed level changes between 2016 and 2051. Deltares report 1230851-000-HYY-0003, 78 pp.

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