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Published on: 01/03/19

Cephalopod ID guide for the North Sea

The intention of this guide is to help identifying cephalopod species in the North Sea which you may find while SCUBA diving, snorkelling, a boat trip or even while walking along a rocky shore. It focuses on shallow water and subsurface-inhabiting species or those which at least partially spent their life in depths less than 50 meters. As you may encounter these animals in the wild most likely just for a short glance, we kept the description of each cephalopod rather simple and based on easy-to-spot external features. This guide was made within the scope of the project “Cephalopod Citizen Science”. This project tries to gather scientific information about the “daily life” of cephalopods by analysing pictures of those animals which were posted in several, project-related facebook groups.

C. Drerup, G. Cooke