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Published on: 01/02/19

Desktop study on autecology and productivity of European lobster (Homarus gammarus, L) in offshore wind farms

This desk study describes the biology of the European lobster H. gammarus. Using the obtained data a model was developed to describe the growth of the European lobster under assumed conditions on the anti-scouring of monopiles in Dutch OWFs. One of the main questions to answer was, if, theoretically,lo cal productivity supports the continuous harvesting of lobsters with passive fishery methods.

M.J.C. Rozemeijer

K.E. van de Wolfshaar

Wageningen Marine Research

Authors: M.J.C. Rozemeijer & K.E. van De Wolfshaar

Report: Wageningen University &
Research report C109/18

Year: February 2019

Project: KB-30: Resource Use Efficiency (project no. KB-30-002-011).


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