De Rijke Noordzee Offshore



Published on: 22/02/17

Eco-friendly design of scour protection: potential enhancement of ecological functioning in offshore wind farms

This study provides eco-friendly design principles for scour protection and a first experimental design to implement ‘Building with North Sea Nature’: ecological enhancement by optimising scour protection in offshore wind farms. This is considered as a first step in a process that should result in ‘learning by doing’.

W. Lengkeek, K. Didderen, M. Teunis, F. Driessen, J. W.P. Coolen, O. G. Bos, S.A. Vergouwen, T.C. Raaijmakers, M.B. de Vries, M. van Koningsveld

Bureau Waardenburg, Wageningen Marine Research, Deltares, TU Delft