Noordzee platte oester



Published on: 19/02/15

Feasibility of Flat Oyster (Ostrea edulis L.) restoration in the Dutch part of the North Sea

Governmental policy aims to include the restoration of shellfish bed communities in the Dutch North Sea, to achieve biodiversity goals, restore ecosystem functions and enhance ecosystem services. For the recovery of flat oyster beds, knowledge is required of the conditions under which the active restoration of this species in the North Sea can be successfully implemented. This is the subject of the current feasibility study. In addition, a plan for the execution of a pilot phase is described, in which restoration of flat oyster beds will be attempted in practice.

P. Kamermans, A.C. Smaal, T.M. van der Have, M. Engelsma, H.J.W. Sas

Imares, Bureau Waardenburg, 3 CVI-DLO, Sas Consultancy