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Published on: 01/01/00

The potential use of artificial reefs to enhance lobster habitat

Artificial reefs provide habitat which is exploited in a variety of ways by the marine life associated with them. UK researchers interested in lobster (Homarus gammarus (L.)) stock enhancement, artificial reefs, and design criteria for artificial reefs, are collaborating to address the possibility of designing, building and stocking artificial reefs to enhance lobster populations. As lobster habitat requirements are determined so the assessment of natural habitat to hold lobsters is facilitated. The knowledge gained will allow fishery managers to evaluate the worth of possible restocking programmes to supplement or extend the range of local lobster populations.

A. Jensen

Wickins, C. Bannister

Springer, Dordrecht

Authors: A. Jensen, J. Wickins & C. Bannister

In: Jensen A.C., Collins K.J., Lockwood A.P.M. (eds) Artificial Reefs in European Seas.

Publisher: Springer, Dordrecht.

Online ISBN: 978-94-011-4215-1

Print ISBN: 978-0-7923-6144-2