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De Rijke Noordzee, waar wind en natuur elkaar versterken. Bron van duurzame energie, rijk aan natuur en vol leven.
About us

Our vision

A healthy North Sea, source of renewable energy, rich in nature, and full of life. That is our dream. It is based on an insight that is as simple as it is effective: offshore wind farms can act as nurseries for underwater nature.

To realise our dream we use the unique conditions that wind farms provide for underwater nature. In wind farms it is not allowed to carry out seabed disturbing activities. By installing artificial reefs and releasing oysters, we accelerate and strengthen the development of nature within wind farms. Reefs are both a shelter and a source of food for marine life.

Renewable energy and nature development
In the coming years, many new wind farms are to be built in the North Sea. A transition to renewable energy sources is desperately needed to stop further climate change. In 2030, these wind farms will provide 40 percent of our current electricity consumption.

Building additional wind farms in the North Sea represents an enormous potential for nature development. That potential is significant: wind farms currently only cover 0.2 percent of the total area of the North Sea, but in 2030 that will be 2.8 percent.

"This is a powerful collaboration between the wind sector and nature organizations. Innovation on the seabed in wind farms with the ultimate goal of a healthy and rich North Sea."

Erwin Coolen Program director

Nature development at the North Sea floor
Most people know the North Sea as a dark sea with a sandy seabed. But this was not always the case: at one time the bottom of our North Sea was dotted with natural reefs where fish, shellfish, and other organisms thrived. Over time human intervention and diseases have reduced the biodiversity of our largest nature reserve and almost all natural reefs have disappeared. Nature could use a helping hand.

Nursery for underwater nature
As it is not allowed to undertake seabed disturbing fishing in wind farms, they can serve as a breeding ground for underwater nature. But these nurseries do not develop by themselves, we will have to lend a hand. Underwater nature gets a chance to flourish undisturbed. We take existing nature into account, maximize nature development, and make every effort to limit the adverse effects associated with wind turbines.

Growth of wind energy: risks and opportunities
Wind farms both offer opportunities and pose risks for nature. There are for example risks for birds and bats, while construction work causes temporary disruption to marine mammals. Opportunities arise especially underwater. Within wind farms, it is not allowed to do trawl fishing which disturbs the seabed. This gives nature a chance to develop. Adding hard materials (such as ripraps made of rock) around wind turbines attracts biodiversity.

A Rich North Sea is made possible with a contribution of 8.5 million euros from the Droomfonds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.