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De Rijke Noordzee, waar wind en natuur elkaar versterken. Bron van duurzame energie, rijk aan natuur en vol leven.

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Eneco Luchterduinen

Luchterduinen was the first wind farm where tests were conducted in 2018. After the first measurement results, it was decided to investigate whether the oyster larvae adhere to the underwater structure.

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TenneT's Borssele Beta platform

The area around the platforms of grid operator TenneT is a suitable location for nature development. In Borssele, we place natural substrate and artificial reef structures in the area around the platform.

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In the Borssele I & II wind farm, research is being conducted into the effect of artificial tube reefs on lobsters, cod and other marine life. We will be specifically monitoring the behaviour of lobsters around the Ørsted reefs.

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In the Borssele III & IV wind farm, we have placed adult oysters close to the wind turbines and are investigating the general development of biodiversity. We are monitoring the oysters for eight years to see whether an oyster bank can develop on the foundations of a wind turbine.

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Offshore Test Site

At this North Sea Farmers test site, we test structures and monitoring techniques for nature development on a small scale close to the coast. Methods that work well can be used on a larger scale in future wind farms.

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Oyster breeding line

Many healthy flat oysters are needed for the nature development projects of The Rich North Sea. Together with Dutch oyster experts, we have started research into oyster cultivation and the breeding of young flat oysters on shell material.

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