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Offshore Test Site

Test site for structures close to the coast

In addition to the projects in offshore wind farms, we also conduct research closer to the coast. The North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site is a beautiful location relatively close to the coast. Here, we test structures for nature development on a small scale in a plot of 1 km2. Promising structures are developed together with scientists and innovative parties. Structures that after testing and monitoring prove to be successful and indeed contribute to nature enhancement can be used on a larger scale in the future.

What do we do?

In the test sites, we test structures. Sometimes these are the same structures that we will be using on a large scale in other projects. Because of the ideal location and the simpler rules in this area, we can monitor more regularly and more cost-effectively, using various techniques such as underwater cameras and divers to study the effects of the North Sea on the structures underwater. We are gaining practical knowledge and experience about the technical and ecological functioning of various materials so that we can apply this to the projects in the offshore wind farms. This will give us an insight into the success factors of the structures for the enhancement of species including mussels and squid.

The underwater robot is released for research

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The location

We rent a piece (1 km2) of the North Sea 12 kilometres off the coast of Scheveningen from the North Sea Farmers, who make six plots available for research and innovation.

Offshore Test Site

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